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Due to our unrivaled expertise and experience in international educational applications, we at www.seekingadmissions.com provide students all around the world with unparalleled college admission counseling services.


Why www.seekingadmissions.com?

Our unique methodology and team approach to counseling have guided many international students to achieve their academic dreams. In fact, we take pride in saying that www.seekingadmissions.com candidates have graduated from the topmost tier of international colleges and universities. The students have been selected and admitted and are now an alumni of prestigious institutes. With the support of www.seekingadmissions.com counseling, they were able to put together their best applications.

Unrivaled Expertise and Experience

www.seekingadmissions.com founders had a collective experience of over 45 years. Our global expert’s network comprises of a team of former admissions officers from some of the world’s most selective universities.

Individualized Attention

Our counselors work with only a limited number of students in each session intake. So they are truly able to provide personalized attention and guidance to each student. serving as mentors, they decipher the university application process for the students and their families.

Unique Methodology

www.seekingadmissions.com takes a holistic approach to counseling, taking into account the student and his or her goals. Not only do they put forward the best academic profile of the student, they are also able to find and project the students as elite community members having the best social values.

Team-Based Counseling

All of our counselors work together at the weekly www.seekingadmissions.com expert forum review, where they simulate the actual admission process and students get an additional advantage of facing a mock admissions committee.


www.seekingadmissions.com work with students in pan India and other global centers. Personal attention is given to the students by phone, by Skype or Zoom, which allows the student, counselor and the parents to communicate and collaborate and follow the admission process of the students.

Empowering Students Beyond Applications(Professional Development)

The www.seekingadmissions.com process helps students identify and achieve their academic and personal goals. This way the student can transition into one of the best working professionals in the corporate world.

Highest Standards of Ethics and Good Practice

All www.seekingadmissions.com counselors adhere to all the principles of good academic and industry practice. Our counselors regularly keep in touch with all college/university admission representatives. They also attend and speak at various college/university seminars and/or industry conferences. Our counselors keep up with the latest developments in admissions, so that we are in touch with all major educational developments all across the globe.


At www.seekingadmissions.com, we want to revolutionize the way students go to study abroad. We are an international education advisory with years of experience in education

We offer unmatched admissions counselling services to students across the globe


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