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American education remains the most sought-after option for those looking to study abroad. In fact, the US currently hosts more international students than any other nation. With some of the world’s most renowned universities and colleges, the USA is a hub for students from all over the globe who come to study in USA to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of knowledge.

Despite the need for SAT or ACT and the lack of free training, the number of international students has exceeded over a million. This is because the educational excellence and effectiveness of US universities are evident in the remarkable results achieved by their graduates who go on to excel in Business, Science, Engineering, and Politics. 


Despite the ongoing pandemic, admission to foreign universities will continue under normal conditions.

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We will walk you through the entire admission process: from choosing a university and preparing documents to enrollment and obtaining a visa. We are always in touch and ready to answer any questions. experts will always objectively assess your situation and suggest the most suitable university options.


Admission and entry requirements at US Universities

Most US universities  require valid score in ( SAT / ACT and GRE / GMAT). Students must apply online, typically through the university website. The three standard intakes are Fall, Spring, and Summer and it is recommended that applications be prepared a year before the desired start date. However, it can take several months in some cases to complete the process because it may call for several documents to be filled and authenticated completely. As a result, you ought to pick one of the most capable and experienced USA study visa consultants in Chandigarh to handle the paperwork. Overall, there is an array of options when considering admission to US universities.

Early Admission: September – November Selection is done by mid-December. Early document submission increases a student’s chance due to the small number of applicants, and also gives more time for related arrangements, such as getting a visa and financial aid. Applicant can choose to submit their applications to multiple universities using an early action timeline. There are three types of programs available for this.  Early action means the student is applying to multiple universities. The early decision means that the applicant submits his/her documents to a single university in accordance with the obligation agreement to attend that university in case of selection. Single-choice early action is also limited by one application, but a student can also try other options on a regular admission plan.

Regular Admission: December – February Spring is the time when selection takes place, with competition at its highest. Those accepted under a non-binding early action plan can also benefit from the program.

Rolling admission: Fall – Summer Documents are accepted nearly all year round as seats open up on the course. Rolling admission can be a great option for those who have missed earlier deadlines. Although, many scholarships and grants tend to have rigid timeline rules, and thus applicants might not be able to take advantage of these funding opportunities when applying for these resources.

Documents required for a student visa in the US

  • You will require the following when requesting your student visa for the United States:
  • Of course, the passport is current and valid for at least six months after the end of your stay in the US.
  • Acceptance at a school that has received SEVP approval and your Form I-20.
  • The SEVIS application fee must be paid.
  • Application for a non-immigrant visa and the Form DS-160 confirmation page.

Additional paperwork  includes:

  • Academic preparatory materials such as transcripts, degrees, certificates, or diplomas
  • Proof that you have enough money to cover your living expenses for the duration of your stay in the US. Documents such as banking records, and the sponsor’s financial commitment to pay for your lodging, and living expenses.
  • Evidence that once you’ve finished your studies, you’ll be leaving the US. This could take the form of a flight from the US back to your country of residence.
  • A face-to-face interview at the US embassy or consulate may also be required of you.
Employment prospects

The economy of the United States and education are intertwined because educational institutions are required to prepare students to meet the labour market demands. Moreover, US universities and colleges are motivated to ensure that their graduates get jobs as soon as possible since employment statistics are an important indicator of their efficiency.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the unemployment rate among the population aged 25 and older is incredibly low — 3.5% for those with associate degrees, and 2.1% for those who possess a bachelor’s degree or higher. Even more impressive are OECD figures, where the foreign-born unemployment rate stands at no more than 3.5%, much lower than in the EU — 15.2%. This provides evidence that foreigners looking to start a career in America have considerable chances to find work, similar as natives.

The most popular industries in the US today are aerospace, consumer goods, electronics, food processing, healthcare, and motor vehicles. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has determined that the most in-demand occupations for the future are healthcare professionals, cooks, accountants, software developers, retail personnel, customer service representatives, office clerks, market research analysts and marketing specialists.

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