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Background ImageIf you want to take admission in one of the top college/university,
then the entire process can get very competitive. If you are not right on
target with your admission requests and do not pitch as per the
college/university’s specifications, then it could mean you miss out on an
excellent educational opportunity. At,
we offer services to help families navigate the selective undergraduate,
graduate and post-graduate programs and transfer college admissions process.

What Does a College/University Admission Consultant Do?

Helping students achieve their admissions goals is our prime responsibility. Our team of expert admission counselors has cumulative three-plus decades of admissions experience. If your student is clueless about what to choose for their undergraduate or graduate studies, or if he/she is a senior, considering a MBA or PhD or a current student considering a transfer, we offer comprehensive, individually tailored programs to suit the student’s requirements. We help in guiding you throughout the entire process of application, seeking and securing the enrolment.

With our tried-and-tested methodology, we ensure that a student gets into the colleges that meet their goals. Don’t worry because we have a proven track record and our results speak for themselves. You will certainly fulfill your dream of getting educated from the bluest of the blue academic institutions all around the world. Be it a Premier International Institution, we make sure you are a top draw –


In an program, your admissions counselor will –

  • Research appropriate colleges and make an optimized list of colleges based on your student’s needs and desires,
  • Facilitate and help you select recommender for letters of recommendation,
  • Plan and prepare for college/university interviews,How we can help you
  • Complete all components of the college application,
  • Brainstorm, edit and revise personal statements,
  • Evaluate offers of admission waitlist strategy for deferral decisions.

At, our programs are tailored to fit each student for providing a secure workflow enabling counselors, tutors, and parents communicate and collaborate. Each College/University considers all four years of high school grades, courses, activities, and awards when they are reviewing the students’ applications, so it’s important to start the college preparation process as early as possible.

After engaging our services, students will be able to complete their applications under an individual counselor’s guidance who is an expert in the relevant field. They will streamline the entire application projecting a student’s prominent academic and extra-curricular achievements. You can also get an assessment from’s Expert Forum for feedback. This forum has our entire counseling team, network of experts spread across globally who have worked and still working on the international education space.

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