Company is a web based interactive platform that integrates all the resources and information necessary to enable the student to develop and execute a customized strategy for meeting their goals for higher education at the college/university or related level. Our purpose is to provide an affordable, comprehensive and personalized solution that not only provide functionality equivalent to the currently available products, but goes beyond that to address significant gaps that the marketplace perceives in the current offerings.

Opportunity Overview (The Problem)

There will always be students that desire education beyond high school and they will always ask the questions “Where should I go to college?” and “How do I get there?” As long as students are asking these questions there will be a need for our service. The need for an integrated solution that is accessible for all study abroad aspirants is largely unmet and just as students will change, so will the need, thus any solution will have to be flexible and highly adaptable. The need for information is clearly defined and it will be up to the student and their support group around them to use that information to make a decision. Our solution will help them cut through some of the irrelevant information and show them how to focus on the information that is right for them.

More than 300,000 study abroad applicants enter global colleges/universities annually and while parents, relatives living abroad and friends can be a source of information, most students need more than just the occasional piece of advice to make a well-informed decision.

The college application process gets more complicated every year:

  • Endless research, analysis, planning, and organizing
  • Broad range of colleges/universities, majors, and factors to consider about successful offers from these global institutions.
  • Time commitment is over several years to do a thorough college/university search.

Current environment often lacks::

  • Consistent assistance from non-certified education consultants.
  • Integrated information for a more complete decision-making process
  • Managing the college/university search process is left to people who don’t really have the time or experience or who are not accessible for all students

Students/Parents– A student has never been to college and the parent either went to college a long time ago or may have never gone themselves. Both students and parents aren’t involved in the process enough to know all the ins and outs of planning for admissions and how to optimize time in the process.

Why us? (The solution)

Web-based – our solution is web-based, so that collaboration between students, parents and counselors can take place anytime, anywhere

Multi-user – students, counselors, and parents can interact with this solution and help with research and planning for the aspiring higher education student.

Personalized intelligent “platform” – this “platform” listens to the student, drives them and propels them to a higher education experience that suits them based on the information they provide. The “platform” also takes into consideration that parents and counselors can add to a student’s profile, thus refining the right choice for the student.

Low cost – our solution is meant to be accessible to everyone. Premium content and services will be offered for the benefit of the student.

Comprehensive – some tools offer research, and some tools make recommendations, but we haven’t found any tool that has anything like the solution we’ll offer to our students.

We select a program based on your academic performance, your strengths, your academic progress or your athletic achievements. We all do this for our target goal. We are professionals at what we do and deliver and we never select programs based on top ratings or program names. We make our choices based on our best practices.


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