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At, our programs are tailored to each student, regardless of the stage of the college / university admission process where they are or live. The programs comprise of  integrated advice and research, assure that students reach their full potential. The college admissions counseling process is fully facilitated by the portal, providing a secure workflow that allows counselors, guardians and parents to communicate and collaborate. colleges consider four years of high school, courses, activities, and awards when they evaluate applications, so it is important to initiate the college preparation process as early as possible. After activating our services, students will work with their advisor to identify their interests, plan stimulating course loads, select appropriate and impactful extracurricular activities. Our advisor will work with the student to execute the test preparation plan, finalize their balanced list of universities, develop an application strategy, and start thinking about a compelling personal statement well in advance of the deadlines. As questions are completed under the direction of an individual advisor, students can submit them to the expert forum to receive feedback from our entire team of advisors and network experts from around the world. The expert forum, which simulates the admissions committee process, reviews all aspects of each application, providing constructive feedback that allows students to implement critical changes before submitting and presenting their applications. Once decisions are made, students will have support in deciding where to enroll and guidance on how to handle postponement and waitlist decisions, if applicable.

What Does a College Admissions Consultant Do?  has helped students achieve their admission goals. Our team of expert admissions counselors have close of three decades of combined admissions experience. Whether your student is wondering which college / university / program to choose for their undergraduate or graduate study, a senior already involved in the college / university application process, or even a current college / university student who is considering a MBA or a PhD or a student considering a transfer, offers comprehensive and personalized programs to guide you through the process.Our proven methodology ensures that students gets into the right-fit colleges and our results speak for themselves. Our counselors will work with student to :

  • Research best-fit colleges/universities and create a balanced list of colleges/universities based on student’s needs and desires
  • Facilitate and assist in selecting the recommender for letter of recommendation
  • Plan and prepare for college / university interviews
  • Brainstorm, edit and review the personal statement and all supplements in order to create cohesive and compelling application
  • Evaluate offers of admission, as well as develop waitlist strategy and referral decisions
MBA Admission Counselling

Our expert counselors can direct you through all viewpoints of the business school application process, permitting you to show your scholastic and proficient history and objectives in a compelling and cohesive way. You may be counseled on all aspects of business school admissions process, which include prioritizing and refining a list of programs to apply for, evaluating the timing and strategy for submitting an application. , conceptualizing, writing and editing individual statements and short essays and programs. assessment, GMAT / GRE scores, portfolio submission, admission preparation and / or alumni interviews and much more.

At, we want to revolutionize the way students go to study abroad. We are an international education advisory with years of experience in education

We offer unmatched admissions counselling services to students across the globe


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