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Why US? &nbsp(The Solution)

Web based– our solution is web based so that collaboration among student, parents, and counselors can take place anytime and anywhere

Multi-user– student, counselors, and parents can interact with this solution and contribute to the research and planning for the student aspiring on to higher education

Personalized smart “Platform”– this “platform” listens to the student, leads the student, and launches the student towards a higher education experience that is right for them based on the information that the student provides. The “Platform” also takes into consideration that parents and counselors can add to a student’s profile, further refining the right choice for the student.

Low-cost– our solution is meant to be accessible for everyone. Premium content and services will be offered for the benefit of the student.

Comprehensive– some tools offer the research, and some tools make recommendations but we have not found any tool/s that have anything like the solution we offer to our students.

We select a program based on your academic performance, foreign language proficiency level, your strong points, academic progress or sport achievements. We all do that for your target goal. We are professionals in what we do and offer and we never select programs based on top ratings or program denominations. We make our choices based on our best practices.

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Does seekingadmissions.com offer everything that you hoped it would ? We always appreciate feedback and ideas, so please let us know what’s on your mind. Irrespective of whether you’ve really dived in or not, We’re interested to hear your thoughts so far. Any feedback you offer would be much appreciated. – Team@seekingadmissions.com

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