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Who We Are and What We Do?


We are a team of certified and talented study visa consultants in Patiala and help Indian students get admission to their preferred study destinations like USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, and Australia. We have combined decades of experience in the overseas education consulting space and apply the same unique and proven strategies, resources, and connections to guide students throughout their study abroad process.

Studying Abroad can be a life-changing experience that can offer students a range of personal and professional benefits. But, are you aware of all the crucial factors to take into account before finalizing the best course of action for yourself? We at is a trusted name in overseas education consulting and are based in Chandigarh. We are here to guide students through every aspect of their educational journey with a plethora of university admission resources aimed at simplifying the complicated university admission process.

We strongly believe that there will always be students that desire education beyond high school and they will always ask the questions “where should I go to college? “and “how do I get there?” As long as students are asking these questions there will be a need for an integrated solution that is accessible to all overseas education aspirants which are largely unmet. Any serious overseas education consultant knows that as students will change, so will their needs, thus any solution a consultant provides needs to be flexible and highly adaptable. That is exactly what we have specialized in. 

What We Do?

We deal with international students in all stages of college/university admission process. We always have a program for you to offer regardless of whether you are just starting with your college/university preparation for admissions, or are currently completing your university application.

Personalized Counselling

  • Professional Consultation on education abroad issues

  • Student profiling to match eligibility criteria of colleges/universities

  • Information & guidance on programmes & universities

  • Determination of tuition fee and average expenses for a life abroad

  • Fair Assessment of student’s chances to get admission in his/her preferred college/university

  • Help in choosing a country and determining the criteria for university selection

  • Search for programs and scholarships which suit your expectation & level of preparedness 

  • Consultation on employment prospects and strategy elaboration for next steps in education abroad (Certificate programs/Diplomas/ Bachelor’s/Master’s/ Ph.D/Law and MBA)

Assistance With Visa Processing

  • Guidance on student visa process

  • Advice on financial documents

  • Assistance in preparation & filing of visa application

  • Complete hand holding in Visa Process

  • Providing required guidelines for drawing up documents sponsorship letter, certificate from work, financial documents, etc.

  • Interview Preparation

  • Verification of all documents and the formation of a complete package of documents for self-submission by the client to the consulate

  • Entry to the consulate for the nearest available date

  • VFS Appointment arrangements

  • Tracking of the visa application status

Application Assistance

  • Assistance in preparing the application

  • Representation of applicant’s interests in an educational institution

  • Guidance on education loans & scholarships in case the service was ordered

  • Assistance in fees payments

Application Documents Editing

  • Guidance on the student visa process

  • Advice on financial documents

  • Assistance in the preparation & filing of visa application

  • Complete handholding in Visa Process

Why Us ?

  • We only work on what matters and don’t overcomplicate things
  • When it comes to strategic consulting we provide you the real insights and no garbage
  • We focus on your goals and do things that have an impact
  • We do serious consultation and don’t sell to anyone who has money
  • We do premium strategic consultation and don’t sell programs of only partner universities
  • Happy to say ‘NO’ if we don’t think it’s a good fit for you
  • Dedicated counseling mentor with no unnecessary onboarding fees
  • Talk to you as people but completely focus on the actual work

Please tell us where your answer is YES!

  • You have a low GPA and want to know if you can attend a good college/university abroad
  • Do you want to know the financial challenges of studying abroad
  • Do you want to know how much it costs to study abroad
  • Do you need expert advice on choosing the correct program
  • You are an overseas education aspirant and want to go abroad for further studies but don’t know where and how to begin
  • Are you worried that going abroad for studies is not safe

We keep a hella good company and our team is a skillful group with diverse interests and backgrounds but what brings us together is our enthusiasm for knowledge and passion for discovery

Kick Start Your Study Abroad Dreams With Us !


University application is often considered a complex process. Our solutions will help students cut through some of the irrelevant information and show them how to focus on the information that is right for them. Being trusted study visa consultants in Patiala we believe that parents, relatives, and friends living abroad can be a source of information. However, most students need more than the occasional advice to make a well-informed decision.

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If you have questions that weren’t answered then let our experts answer all your questions. Connect with us for an interactive session.  We are here to assist and guide you throughout the process.

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