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Premium Strategic Consultation

Tried & Trusted Study Visa Consultants In Ludhiana-Your Path To Success

We are a team of certified & Passionate study visa consultants in Ludhiana. We help Indian students obtain visas for their preferred study destinations such as the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, and Australia through our proprietary Premium Strategic Counselling. Throughout the study abroad process, we provide unique and proven strategies, resources, and connections derived from decades of experience in overseas education consulting.  

Study Visa Consultants In Ludhiana

What you will get in Premium Strategic Counselling?

Let us make your dream of studying abroad a reality!

We strongly believe that the passion for a better tomorrow that gets ignited in one student can change the course of this world! Let’s talk and find the right learning plan for you.

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Trusted by students & parents but don't take our words for it

If you have questions that weren’t answered then let our experts answer all your questions. Connect with us for an interactive session.  We are here to assist and guide you throughout the process. 

We keep a hella good company and our team is a skillful group with diverse interests and backgrounds but what brings us together is our enthusiasm for knowledge and passion for discovery

Please tell us where your answer is yes!

You have a low GPA and want to know if you can attend a good college/university abroad
Do you want to know how much it costs to study abroad
You are an overseas education aspirant and want to go abroad for further studies but don’t know where and how to begin
Do you want to know the financial challenges of studying abroad
Do you need expert advice on choosing the correct program
Are you worried that going abroad for studies is not safe
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